fun facts about Banksy

Ten Fun Facts about Banksy

Banksy is a world-renowned graffiti artist who has been active since the early 1990s.


His work often features political and social commentary and his unique style has made him one of the most recognisable artists in the world.


Here are ten fun facts about Banksy:


1. Banksy’s real name is unknown. He keeps his identity secret by using a variety of pseudonyms, including Robin Gunningham, Richard Bradbury and Robert Banks.

2. Banksy was born in Bristol, England in 1974.

3. In addition to being a graffiti artist, Banksy is also a film director, painter and sculptor.

4. Some of Banksy’s most famous works include the “Girl with Balloon” painting that sold for over $1 million at auction and the “Flower Thrower” mural that appeared on a wall in Jerusalem overnight.

5. In 2005, Banksy created an installation called “The Walled Off Hotel” near the West Bank barrier wall in Bethlehem – it featured its own mini-museum dedicated to the history of walls around the world.

6. In October 2013, Banksy opened a temporary art gallery inside an abandoned warehouse in New York City called “Better Out Than In.” The exhibit featured 31 new pieces of art each day for 31 days straight!

7. In 2015, Banksy painted a series of murals on buildings slated for demolition in London‘s East End as part of an urban regeneration project called “Ghetto for Life.”

8. In 2017, he debuted his first feature-length documentary film titled Exit Through The Gift Shop which tells the story of how an amateur filmmaker tried to make a documentary about him but ended up becoming his protégé instead.

9. Banksy is known for sometimes incorporating hidden images or messages into his artwork?

10. Finally, although we don’t know much about him personally, we do know that he once said: “I’m not trying to be mysterious… I just don’t want to be famous like Paris Hilton.”

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