fun facts about beer

Ten Fun Facts about Beer

Beer is one of the oldest and most popular alcoholic drinks in the world.


It is made from fermented grains, usually barley, and flavoured with hops. Beer has a long history dating back to ancient times.


Here are ten fun facts about beer:


1. The first recorded recipe for beer dates back to around 4000 BC.

2. Beer was an important part of ancient Egyptian culture and was often used as currency.

3. In medieval Europe, beer was often safer to drink than water because it was boiled during the brewing process.

4. Hops were not originally used in beer; instead, other herbs such as bog myrtle or yarrow were used for flavouring.

5. The term “beer belly” is a misnomer; studies have shown that people who drink moderate amounts of beer do not have increased levels of abdominal fat compared to those who don’t drink beer at all.

6. There are over 1,000 different styles of beer brewed around the world today.

7. The strongest beers in the world have alcohol contents exceeding 20%. “Snake Venom” is the strongest beer in the world at 67.5% alcohol by volume, brewed by Scottish brewery Brewmeister.

8. In Germany, there is a type of bread made with spent grain from brewing called “bierbrot” which means “beer bread”.

9. Over 50 billion gallons of beer each year is consumed worldwide.

10. You can swim in a pool of beer at the Schloss Starkenberger brewery in Tarrentz, Austria.

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