fun facts about Hollywood

Ten Fun Facts about Hollywood

Hollywood is a neighbourhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California.


Its name has come to be a shorthand reference for the U.S. film industry and the people associated with it. Many of its studios such as Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros and Universal Studios were founded there; these studios have played a major role in the development of cinema worldwide.


Here are ten fun facts about Hollywood:


1. Hollywood was originally called “Hollywoodland.” The famous Hollywood Sign was erected in 1923 to advertise a new housing development by Harry Chandler, owner of the Los Angeles Times newspaper. The sign originally read “HOLLYWOODLAND” but the last four letters were dropped after it became too expensive to maintain them.

2. The first feature-length motion picture shot entirely in Hollywood was Cecil B. DeMille’s The Squaw Man (1914).

3. One of Hollywood’s most iconic symbols is Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, which opened on May 18, 1927 with the premiere of Cecil B. DeMille’s King of Kings. The theatre still hosts movie premieres today and is one of Hollywood’s most popular tourist attractions.

4. The Walk of Fame runs along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and features more than 2,600 stars honouring celebrities from all walks of life who have made significant contributions to the entertainment industry – including actors, directors, producers, musicians, and writers.

5. In addition to being home to many famous celebrities, Hollywood is also home to some less desirable residents – namely rats! It is estimated that there are about two million rats living in LA County, with approximately 200,000 of them residing in Hollywood.

6. Hollywood has been used as a filming location for movies set all over the world – from New York City (Manhattan) to outer space (Star Wars)!

7. Some well-known landmarks in Hollywood include Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and Guinness World Records Museum.

8. One fun fact about Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is that every celebrity who leaves their handprints or footprints in cement outside must do so barefoot! This tradition started with Norma Talmadge when she accidentally stepped into wet cement while leaving her prints.

9. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium houses some truly bizarre artefacts from around the world – including shrunken heads, two-headed animals, and mummies!

10. Did you know that there are only 12 letters represented on the Walk of Fame? That means no J , Q , X , or Z!

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