fun facts about Friends

Ten Fun Facts about Friends

Friends was a popular US sitcom that originally aired from 1994 to 2004.


The show revolved around a group of friends in their 20s and 30s who live in New York City.


Here are ten fun facts about Friends:


1. The show was originally going to be called Insomnia Cafe.

2. Jennifer Aniston’s hair was not originally supposed to be “The Rachel.” The iconic hairstyle was created by accident when Aniston got a haircut that was too short.

3. Lisa Kudrow was the only cast member to audition for her role. The producers liked her so much that they created the character of Phoebe specifically for her.

4. The yellow frame around the door of Monica’s apartment was added in post-production. It was not there in the original pilot episode.

5. The show’s creators originally wanted Courteney Cox to play Rachel and Jennifer Aniston to play Monica. Cox and Aniston lobbied for the opposite and ultimately got the roles they originally wanted.

6. The iconic Central Perk coffee shop was based on a real-life coffee shop in New York City called the Central Perk.

7. Friends was the first TV show to be shot in high definition.

8. Matt LeBlanc was the last actor to be cast. He originally auditioned for the role of Chandler, but was eventually cast as Joey.

9. Gunther, the Central Perk barista, was originally only supposed to be a background character. He eventually became a fan-favourite and had more than 50 speaking roles over the course of the show.

10. The show was supposed to end after season 6, but it was renewed for 2 more seasons.

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