fun facts about the brain

Ten Fun Facts about the Brain

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, and scientists are still uncovering all of its secrets.


Here are ten fun facts about the brain:


1. The average adult brain weighs about 3 pounds (1.4 kilograms).

2. The brain is made up of about 100 billion nerve cells or neurons.

3. The longest nerve cell in the human body is found in the leg, but the largest number of nerve cells are found in the cerebral cortex – the wrinkly outer layer of the brain that controls higher functions such as thinking and planning.

4. A single piece of brain tissue at the size of a grain of sand will contain roughly 100,000 neurons and 1 billion synapses.

5. Although it only makes up 2% of our body weight, the brain uses 20% of our oxygen and calories intake!

6. Blood vessels make up a huge network within the brain – if stretched out, they would measure 100,000 kilometres (about 62,137 miles). That’s enough to go around Earth more than twice!

7. Every minute, 750 mL (about 1 pint) of blood flows through your head…that’s almost 17 gallons per day! Most of this blood goes to supply energy to active regions of the brain involved in things like vision and movement control.

8. Scientists believe that sleep helps cleanse toxins from our brains – during deep sleep, cerebrospinal fluid washes away harmful waste products that have built up during waking hours.

9. The average human brain can generate around 20 watts of electrical power (enough to power four 5Watt LED lightbulbs).

10. The spinal cord is the main source of communication between the body and the brain.

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