fun facts about Ukraine

Ten Fun Facts about Ukraine

Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe.


It is the second largest country on the continent, after Russia. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv. The population of Ukraine is about 42 million people.

The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. However, Russian is also widely spoken, especially in the eastern and southern parts of the country. Ukraine has a rich history and culture.


Here are ten fun facts about Ukraine:


1. The first known written mention of Ukraine dates back to 988 AD.

2. Kyivan Rus‘, which was based in present-day Kyiv, was one of the most powerful states in medieval Europe.

3. In 1240, Mongols invaded and destroyed much of Kyivan Rus’.

4. After centuries of foreign rule, Ukraine finally regained its independence in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

5. Ukrainians love their borscht! This traditional soup made with beets, cabbage and meat is beloved by many Ukrainians (and Russians too!).

6. Pysanky are beautiful Easter eggs decorated with traditional Ukrainian designs using wax resist and dyes. They are often given as gifts during Easter time.

7. Taras Shevchenko is considered one of Ukraine’s greatest poets and his work played an important role in helping to shape modern Ukrainian identity.

8. Chernobyl, located in northern Ukraine, was the site of a catastrophic nuclear accident in 1986 that resulted in widespread radioactive contamination. Today, Chernobyl serves as both a grim reminder of the dangers of nuclear power and an eerie tourist destination for those interested in exploring abandoned buildings and ghost towns.

9. Lviv (also spelled L’vov or Lvov), located west of Kiev, is one of the most charming cities in all of Europe with its quaint cobblestone streets and Gothic architecture.

10. There’s an island entirely devoted to cats? Located near Odessa on the Black Sea coast, this small island called Cats Island (Maui Tau or Cat Mountain) is home to dozens upon dozens of feline friends!

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